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Israel-Gaza: Heavy fire traded across border

Israel-Gaza: Heavy fire traded across border

Israel-Gaza conflict is escalating as rocket fire has been trading across the border, where more than 200 Palestinians have been killed during protests since March. As BBC reported, the fire rocket incident came just after apparent progress in an effort by Egypt and the UN to secure a truce on that problematic Middle eastern sector. 

Hamas and Israeli military forces have already exchanged the warning on the possible expanding the rocket fire. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli army spokesman, said it was “too early” to say whether the war would break out but warned that Gaza militants had in excess of 20,000 rockets and mortars within their arsenal and so the army was prepared for the long haul.

“Hamas is forcing this violence and really bringing destruction upon the Gaza Strip because of its actions. We hold Hamas responsible,” he said.

While Hamas is threatening with the intensifying the rocket fire to directly hit the Israeli towns of Beersheba and Ashdod, Israel warned that overnight attacks on Israel were “the most intense” since the last conflict in 2014. The saddest thing is the recent wave of violence has threatened to derail a long-term ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt that had seen significant progress over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, the local medical officials continue to record fatalities in Gaza, five militants have died. In southern Israel, one civilian was killed. In addition, the building housing Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV was also bombed after being evacuated, disrupting broadcasts. Israel tagged the outlet “contributes to Hamas’s military actions”.