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Ivanka Trump: ‘I’m not going to act as first lady’

Ivanka Trump: ‘I’m not going to act as first lady’

Ivanka Trump assured the people that she is not going to act as the first lady because it’s just ‘inappropriate’. The first daughter of the President of the US denies these suggestions.

Ivanka Trump is the personality, that’s why many people used to think that the duties of the first lady will be performed by the rump’s daughter, not wife. Nevertheless, Ivanka has her own vision of this subject, and it totally coincides with the White House protocol:

“I think it’s an inappropriate observation. There is one First Lady, and she’ll do remarkable things.”

As a matter of fact, Trump has a bad habit, he treats Melania like a possession and Ivanka like a wife, say the observers. The pro-active partaking of Ivanka in the US Presidential race made many people to think that she is absolutely ready to fulfill the duties of FLOTUS. Last week, Ivanka disappointed them, saying she’s not going to act as the first lady.

Ivanka claimed in an interview with Good Morning America’s Deborah Roberts that whatever her role in the Trump administration eventually entails, it’ll leave room for Melania Trump to take on the causes and the roles that the wife of the president has traditionally assumed.

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Despite Melania’s decision to remain in New York in service of her son Barron’s education further, she’ll be able to play role of FLOTUS.