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Jared Leto visits Andy Warhol exhibit in Santa Monica

Jared Leto visits Andy Warhol exhibit in Santa Monica

Jared Leto loves music and art, so his visit to the Santa Monica exhibition is pretty logical. For the meeting with the artworks of the great Andy Warhol the Oscar-winning actor opted casual outfit with one neon accent, the beanie.

Mr Leto has stopped by Revolver Gallery on Monday afternoon for a private tour of the exhibit Andy Warhol. The full name of this exhibition is ‘Andy Warhol: Revisited in Santa Monica’, not so many celebs preferred to be here as well. The owner of Revolver Gallery led Leto around the space, Ron Rivlin told many details about a life of the artist, his way to the current iconic status and 60s.

Jared Leto

The forever young Leto’s visit was a nice surprise to the gallery’s owner who made some photos together with the A-list Hollywood star.

Jared Leto would be partnering with producer Michael De Luca and writer Terence Winter on a biopic titled Warhol, with Leto taking the lead role and sharing producer duties with De Luca.

It’s still unclear where the project will fall in Leto’s production schedule as he’s on board for ‘Tron 3’ and ‘Berlin, I Love You’. He can next be seen in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘The Outsider’.