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Johnny Depp and his ‘ultra-extravagant life’: real expenses and greedy business managers

Johnny Depp and his ‘ultra-extravagant life’: real expenses and greedy business managers

Johnny Depp found out two weeks ago that his business managers allowed themselves too freely dispose of his money. Such behaviour resulted in the sue, Mr Depp was outraged with the greediness of his business managers.

Two weeks ago the A-list actor Johnny Depp sued his financial managers claiming the company mismanaged his earnings. Business managers from The Management Group (TMG) didn’t wait too long to hit Depp back–they countersued him, saying that such giant expenses closely tied with the resolution of actor’s problems.

Johnny sued TMG, which sued countersued him, such a lovely circle is going to be very interesting in the terms of financial law. The business managers in their countersuit informed that Mr Depp spent more than $2 million a month to support his ultra-extravagant lifestyle despite all the warnings of his financial advisers from The Management Group.

Johnny Depp

The court of California will have to find the true, are real expenses of Mr Depp so high? Or the lavish lifestyle caused these million expenses? The official lawsuit listed in details some of an actor’s spending: real expenses and greed business managers, $18 million on a 150-foot yacht and $30,000 a month on wine and small change ($3 million) to blast Hunter S.Thompson’s ashes from a cannon.

Depp is surprised very much with the sum of his monthly expenses

The star of Caribbean Pirates He was very surprised when he found out he could spend $300K a month to maintain a staff of 40 assistants and $150,000 a month on bodyguards and security.

TMG has answered to Depp’s suit with its one, on January 13, the Hollywood star now is obliged to prove that business managers have mismanaged his finances over rather a long period, from 1999 until early 2016. The intriguing case is going on, new details will be available soon.