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LeBron formally endorses Hillary Clinton

LeBron formally endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has vouch the support of all the supporters of Barack Obama. As members of the US Democratic Party, both Clinton and Obama have always helped each other. LeBron James, the basketball legend believes in Obama, now the basketball star formally endorses Hillary Clinton. That’s what means a well-organized political work of Democrats Hillary and Obama.

LeBron formally endorses Hillary Clinton, reported an editorial published by the Akron Beacon Journal on Monday. Akron is a hometown of LeBron, and in the U.S. presidential race, the Cavaliers star decided to speak his mind.

On Monday, James endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who is campaigning now near Akron, Ohio. James said:

“The choice is clear … And that candidate is Hillary Clinton.”

LeBron added: “For me, the main thing is going back into the communities and giving our world a better future. Our kids are our future and I believe Barack [Obama] started it and I believe Hillary is going to continue it.”

James believes that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who “truly understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty.” In 2008, James was an active supporter of Obama’s campaign, the basketball legend has since developed a relationship over the last eight years that the President has been in office.

LeBron notes that: “…I believe Hillary can continue that legacy that Barack has done for the last eight years.”

Ex-President Bill Clinton thanked James for his support on his Twitter account.