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Maduro orders closure of Venezuelan border with Brazil

Maduro orders closure of Venezuelan border with Brazil

Venezuela’s president denies a humanitarian crisis, accusing the White House of leading a coup to remove him from power and using the “show” of supposed humanitarian aid as military intervention. On Thursday, Nicolas Maduro even ordered to close the border with Brazil, G1 reported.

To avoid too active opposition’s actions, Nicolas Maduro ordered to close the border with neighbour Brazil just days before Juan Guaido planned to bring in foreign humanitarian aid. The Venezuelan president denied the humanitarian crisis, his only allies are Russia and China, while Mr Guaido relies on the United States.

Maduro also reiterated he’s also weighing up shutting the border with Colombia. He made the announcement on state TV on Thursday, saying that Guaido’s opposition is only the puppets for an internal provocation. Meaning the US, Maduro added; “They wanted to generate a great national commotion, but they didn’t achieve it.”

Mr Maduro’s televised speech included the explanation of what for the border with Brazil would be closed “completely and absolutely” until further notice. Normally, the crossing usually closes at night and open at 08:00 local time. After the announcement, many Venezuelans rushed across the frontier to the Brazilian city of Pacaraima to stock up on supplies.

Juan Guaido’s spokesman, Edward Rodriguez, confirmed that the opposition leader, who heads the congress, was among passengers in a caravan consisting of several vehicles and buses. Opposition leaders said they also plan to bring emergency supplies of food and medicine from Curaçao and across the jungle-covered border with Brazil.