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New UN chief Guterres intends to sort out Syria

New UN chief Guterres intends to sort out Syria

The United Nations (UN) got new Secretary-General, after his official appointment, new UN chief ­Antonio Guterres said he intends to bring the peace to Syria.

The new UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres notes that it’s time to sort out Syria, the region is suffering from the war more than five years. According to the statement of the UN SG, it is time to overcome divisions over ending the war in Syria as key powers geared up for a new round of talks on the crisis.

The importance of restoring peace, law and order in Syria hard to overestimate, it’s about lives of million citizens of the country torn by civil war. Mr Antonio Guterres said that seeing the Syrian people and its suffering is something that ­absolutely breaks his hear’. The UN SG added:

“Whatever divisions might exist, now it’s more important to unite. It’s high time to fight for peace.”

New UN Secretary-General: short info

Mr Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal who also served as UN refugee chief for a decade. He will replace Ban Ki-moon, who steps down on December 31 after 10 years as Secretary-General. Mr Antonio Guterres became a new Secretary-General on Thursday, the UN General Assembly appointed him as a new chief of the world body.

UN General Assembly

Some of the buzz generated by Mr Guterres’ appointment stems from disappointment with Mr Ban, a chief many saw as a weak communicator who showed a ­reluctance to take strong action on the biggest world crises.

“Everyone is very polite about Ban, but let’s face it … everyone knows that he has not been a strong secretary-general in terms of either internal reform or external leadership,”

said a Security Council diplomat.