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Paintings were stolen from ex-Chancellor Schroeder in Germany

Paintings were stolen from ex-Chancellor Schroeder in Germany

From the corridor in front of the office of ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, they carried out a Chinese graphic painting and two woodcuts by the artist Uwe Bremer, which had been hanging in their places for 16 years. The politician wrote a statement to the police on May 23, at the moment the investigation is ongoing.

The value of the stolen items has not been released. The staff decided to worry about other paintings, moving them to the office itself.

That this is not the first case that occurs in the organization. The authors of the article emphasize that the employees of the organization regularly lock the doors. More than once, journalists burst into the building without warning and filmed. One day, a sign was stolen with the name of the office engraved on it. In addition, there was information about incidents when someone bit into the food of bureau employees in the common kitchen.

On February 25, it was reported that ex-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel had her wallet stolen in a store. It was in a bag in a grocery cart. Merkel’s numerous guards did not become an obstacle to the thief.