Today: Monday, 4 March 2024 year

Police fired tear gas at protesters in Paris.

Police fired tear gas at protesters in Paris.

Parisian police fired tear gas at protests against pension reform.

Tens of thousands of people are participating in the protest action, which started from Republic Square. Among them are representatives of leading trade unions, workers in transport, energy, industry and other sectors, medical workers, teachers, youth and student organizations, supporters of the yellow vests movement, as well as radical black bloc youth.

At some point, the radicals began to provoke police officers, throwing bottles at them and launching firecrackers in their direction. In response, the police fired tear gas.


Now the column has approached Place de la Bastille.

The seventh nationwide strike against the pension reform project is taking place across France today. A total of 230 protest actions are planned. The movement of trains of the national railway company SNCF has been seriously disrupted, with approximately 20 percent of flights at the Paris Orly airport cancelled.