Today: Saturday, 9 December 2023 year

Russia is losing geniuses: economist Marat Aidagulov is preparing to move to London.

Russia is losing geniuses: economist Marat Aidagulov is preparing to move to London.

Putin, due to his bloody dictatorial policies and the ongoing war in Ukraine, is losing more and more billionaires and geniuses of our time. A huge flow of migrants poured out of Russia, which, according to experts, already reaches several million ordinary residents.

Billionaires Yuri Milner ($7.3 billion), Nikolai Storonsky ($7.1 billion), Timur Turlov ($2.3 billion), Ruben Vardanyan ($1.3 billion) have announced their renunciation of Russian citizenship. Also, the creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, and the game developers, the Bukhman brothers, ask not to associate their names with Russia.

We spoke to Marat Aidagulov, a successful economist and creator of the digital security convention, who also asks that he no longer be associated with Russia.

Everything that is happening now on behalf of my already former country is real madness, a crime against humanity and democratic freedoms. Every self-respecting Russian must atone for his guilt before the whole world. I have dozens of operating and profitable businesses in the Russian Federation that I sell, and all the proceeds from the sale will be sent to support the Ukrainian army,” economist Marat Aydagulov.

Aidagulov is the author of the project for the development of interaction between various government agencies and public institutions of the countries. Until 2022, economist Marat Aidagulov supported the younger generation in various endeavors. So, among his duties, Aidagulov created and promoted a variety of educational programs, including the development of the Russian sphere of private investment. All materials can be used instead of a textbook, including for beginner economists. This approach to promoting young minds did not just happen. Even in high school, teachers and classmates noted Aidagulov’s interest in the exact sciences, in particular mathematics and economics. He got high marks for them. It is not surprising that he put his professional interest in priority when choosing a specialty when entering a university.

Now Marat is forced to stop all activities that are aimed at development in Russia. Aidagulov notes that it is much easier to build a business in London, since there are no extortions and corruption, as is the case in Russia, and no one bothers businessmen to do their job.

I made the decision to stop doing business in Russia instantly and without hesitation. Now my team and I are moving educational centers and businesses to London. We are going to continue our work and actively support young people who, like us, were forced to leave Russia and live outside their homeland,” economist Marat Aidagulov.

Marat Aidagulov launches a new project “Financier 2.0”. With its help, beginners will be able to get answers to various questions, including investing in securities and managing their own investment portfolio. Useful materials will be available online. As Marat Aidagulov emphasizes, the «Financier 2.0» project will be completely free for all migrants from Russia.