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Salma Hayek launching a line of smoothies/face masks Blend It Yourself

Salma Hayek launching a line of smoothies/face masks Blend It Yourself

Salma Hayek adores the natural recipes for keeping her skin and hair in the perfect condition. This week, the Hollywood star launching a line of smoothies face masks Blend It Yourself, which help to women and men of any age to get the perfect skin. 

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous under any circumstances, so she is ready to open the secret of her beauty to everyone. According to Salma, to be a beautiful woman is very easy, and Blend It Yourself will help a lot in it.

“My grandmother was into natural ingredients. She was like a witch doctor, a cosmetologist. We’d be having breakfast, and she would take the leftovers—papaya, yogurt, honey, nuts—and blend them all together, then she’d start putting them on her face,”

Salma laughs.

Hayek’s cosmetic company is working to attain certified organic status, Salma is not a newcomer to this industry, previously she collaborated on a juice cleanse line. Despite all her business projects, the 50-year-old Hayek is still an actress – she hasn’t stepped away entirely from Hollywood. Her new indie film Beatriz at Dinner has been earning strong reviews across the board.

Salma Hayek as a boss in her own companies

Salma Hayek is a boss to many companies, she owns brand of skin care, makeup, and hair care products, called Nuance, launched in 2011. The beautiful entrepreneur’s focus has similarly been on blending unique extracts in products inspired by her Mexican roots.

“The women of my family have been using these exotic ingredients for generations. And with Nuance, I am passing them on to you,”

Hayek says on Nuance’s site.