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South Africa to ease lockdown restrictions in May

South Africa to ease lockdown restrictions in May

South African president believes that his country could ease some restriction in May, not earlier. So far, the government has to balance the need to resume economic activities with an imperative to contain COVID-19, save lives.

Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African leader, confirmed that the country could live under not too tight restrictions in May. In his televised speech on late Thursday, the president explained that Cabinet decided that lockdown restrictions will be eased after April 30.

“We should begin a gradual and phased recovery of economic activity,” Cyril Ramaphosa added.

Commenting on keeping the quarantine, the national leader said he understands very well the hopes and aspirations of his people. Citizens need to eat, to learn, to travel, while the firms need to be able to produce and to trade, they need to generate revenue and keep their employees in employment.

In South Africa, a nationwide lockdown is probably the most effective means to contain the spread of the novel infection that took lives of 75 South Africans, it cannot be sustained indefinitely, according to president.

South Africa prefers a deliberate and cautious approach to the easing of lockdown restrictions

Ramaphosa added that his government “will implement a risk-adjusted strategy through which a deliberate and cautious approach to the easing of current lockdown restrictions is taken.”

Earlier this week, the presidential decree has approved the deployment of an additional 73,180 soldiers to help police enforce lockdown regulations intended to stem the spread of the COVID-19.

“To achieve this, we have developed an approach that determines the measures we should have in place based on the direction of the pandemic in our country,” Ramaphosa explain keeping the balance between alive economy and saving lives.

In South Africa, only essential workers have been allowed to go to work or leave their homes. Over nearly a month, others can only leave to go to hospitals, clinics or shop for food.

As of Friday morning, South African has 3,953 confirmed coronavirus cases so far, with 75 deaths, and 1,473 recoveries, according to figures compiled by the U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University.