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Sri Lanka bans face veils after Easter Sunday terroristic attacks

Sri Lanka bans face veils after Easter Sunday terroristic attacks

Sri Lanka’s government bans the face veil since Monday, Reuters reported. After Easter Sunday terroristic attacks and explosions, the President implemented the ban under emergency law.

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena ordered to the ban the face veil, such a step aimed at helping security forces with the identification process as the country continues to search for criminals organized and implemented the Easter Sunday explosions. These terroristic attacks targeted churches and hotels, the death toll is still raising.

President’s ban has been supported by the top body of Islamic scholars despite its previous opposing legislation against burqas. In the light of recent tragic events, the face veil ban seems the logical and necessaire measure in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday explosions.

On Saturday, President Maithripala Sirisena formally outlawed two Islamist extremist groups suspected of carrying out the Easter attacks. Sirisena used his emergency powers to ban NTJ and another group, Jamathei Millathu Ibrahim (JMI).

Security officials said the NTJ was believed to have been the main group behind the Easter attacks. Officials said they were prohibited by law from banning the little known groups earlier due to the lack of firm evidence against them.

Catholic churches in Sri Lanka were shuttered Sunday in the aftermath of the attack. The faithful, however, were able to watch a televised broadcast of a Mass.