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Swedish Royal Regalia stolen

Swedish Royal Regalia stolen

Swedish Royal Regalia has disappeared from Strängnäs Cathedral on Tuesday afternoon, the police have already started the investigation in a city, which is around 50 miles Stockholm.

The stolen priceless items, which are parts of the Swedish Royal Regalia, have been stolen on Tuesday. According to police, two royal crowns of King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, as well as a royal orb, have disappeared from Strängnäs Cathedral where they have been kept over years in a locked and alarmed display cabinet in the church.

The historians say that both stolen crowns are the burial ones from 1611, these royal regalias were originally interred in Karl IX’s grave but were later exhumed and put on display.

Police have surrounded the city and are pursuing the thieves by helicopter, boat and cars. To the Swedish television channel, SVT police spokesperson Thomas Agnevik said that it’s 1-0 to them right now, adding:

“I have talked to a person at the county administrative board that says that it is not possible to put an economic value on this, these are invaluable objects of national interest”.

Police surrounded the city as they tried to chase down the thieves, who were seen jumping into a motorboat outside the cathedral, which is around 50 miles Stockholm.

In 2013, a crown and sceptre used in the funeral of Sweden’s King Johan III were stolen from Västerås. They subsequently turned up in two large rubbish bags at the side of a highway following a tip-off to police.