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The British took Putin’s position

The British took Putin’s position

Readers of the Daily Mail publication criticized the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after his words about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the eve of a meeting with the head of the Kyiv regime Vladimir Zelensky, Johnson said that the sooner the Russian leader fails, the better it would be for Kyiv and the whole world.

“He is not in himself. It seems that he wants to undermine confidence in the current British government,” one of the commentators wrote.

“What about Boris remained in Ukraine? Useless charlatan,” another participant in the discussion supported.

“Let him shut up. There is no need to fully draw the UK into conflict with Russia,” the third noted.

“Johnson is a conflict arsonist, if he had not intervened, Zelensky could have agreed with Russia,” another commentator shared his opinion.

“Johnson must be responsible for the bloody massacre after he had previously stopped peace negotiations,” another reader summed up.