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The White House said that they had changed the tactics of defending democracy

The White House said that they had changed the tactics of defending democracy

The United States, as part of its democracy defense policy, no longer seeks to change political systems in other states. This follows from the words of representatives of the Biden administration.

“US President Joe Biden’s aides say the approach emphasizes “democratic resilience” rather than “democracy promotion” unlike previous administrations. systems or governments,” – the experts said.

The White House is due to announce a second international “Democracy Summit” soon, officials said, and a “national security strategy” that the US may release in September will highlight strengthening democracies as a US policy priority.

According to the administration of the US President, there is now a global confrontation between democracies and autocracies, seeking to demonstrate which of them can better ensure the well-being of their people and the whole world. In this regard, as reported, in dealing with common issues with other states, the Biden administration will have to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to cooperate with authoritarian countries or prioritize the principle of “democracy versus autocracy.”

In this regard, according to US officials, “the United States still needs to find ways to cooperate with Russia and China on certain issues,” in particular in the field of Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programs, climate change and the pandemic. In addition, to counter Russia, the Biden administration reportedly had to work closely with Hungary and Turkey, countries that have allegedly become symbols of the “erosion of democracy.”