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UK port workers Felixstowe strike over wages

UK port workers Felixstowe strike over wages

Workers at Britain’s largest port have gone on strike over a refusal to raise their wages in line with inflation.

Nearly 2,000 people are taking part in the protest: crane operators, dock workers and port loaders. The British trade union Unite reported that the strike would last from 21 to 29 August.

Workers are unhappy with the decision of port operator Felixstowe Dock & Railway Co to raise wages by 7 percent at 10 percent inflation.

Felixstowe leads the country in terms of container traffic with a 48 percent market share. In total, 2.5 thousand people work there. The average salary at the port is £43,000 a year, a spokesman for the port said.
A Felixstowe workers’ strike could negatively impact supply chains and lead to delivery delays.

In June, inflation in the UK became the worst indicator among the G7 countries. Its main reason was the increase in food prices (9.8 percent) and gasoline (by 18.1 pence per liter). The situation may worsen greatly in October, when wholesale energy prices rise. Against this background, residents of the UK began to express their concern and are ready to go on strike.