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UN discovered 202 mass graves of Isis victims in Iraq

UN discovered 202 mass graves of Isis victims in Iraq

In Iraq, the UN has discovered 202 mass graves of Isis victims, thousands of men, women and children remain unaccounted for, BBC reported. The report calls for a public, centralised registry of missing persons as well as a federal Office of Missing Persons.

Jan Kubis, the UN’s representative in Iraq, confirmed that hundreds of mass grave sites documented in the UN report are a testament to harrowing human loss. The bodies were dumped by the Isis group during their three-year reign of terror starting in June 2014 and ending in December 2017.

As the jihadists swept through new territory they killed captured members of security forces en masse and enslaved women from the Yazidi community. Isis also regularly slaughtered anyone who did not conform to their extremist ideology, including ethnic and religious minorities.

According to the UN estimations, in total, more than 30,000 Iraqi civilians are believed to have been killed during the conflict with Isis and more than 55,000 injured. The UN urged the Iraqi authorities to excavate, exhume and identify the remains of all the gravesite victims so that they could be returned to the families, leading to “meaningful truth and justice”.

After Iraq’s prime minister has announced an end to the war with IS in December 2017, the authorities should start an investigation of the relentless and unprecedented campaign of terror in the history of the modern world. The federal Office of Missing Persons’ efforts help to Iraqi citizens to find information about relatives who missed from 2014 to 2017.

Meanwhile, the UN said that the Iraqi authorities have succeeded in exhuming the remains of just 1,258 victims from 28 graves.