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US suspends all flights to and from Venezuela

US suspends all flights to and from Venezuela

The relations between the US and Venezuela becomes even worser after the Department of Homeland Security has ordered the suspension of all flights between the states. Washington the volatility in the crisis-racked country is too risky to delaing with.

The new edict was signed on Wednesday, the document hits some smaller airlines that still operate flights from Caracas to the US. In March, American Airlines became the latest major carrier to suspend all services to the country.

“This determination is based on the ongoing political instability and increased tensions in Venezuela,” the Department of Homeland Security’s statement reads.

The DoHS decision is part of a now-four-month-long campaign against Niclolas Maduro as the US ramps up its support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

The order will have a limited impact on major carriers as most of them have already pulled out of Venezuela, citing security concerns, disputes over late payments or simply a lack of passengers. In fact, of the 32 foreign operators in 2013, only a third remain, and the number of seats on international flights has fallen by around 80 per cent.

Last week, Washington expanded the scope of its Venezuela sanctions to the defense and security services sectors to try to crank up economic pressure on President Nicolás Maduro.