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Venezuela announces re-opening borders with Brazil, Aruba

Venezuela announces re-opening borders with Brazil, Aruba

Venezuela’s government announced reopening borders with neighbouring countries. Brazul and Aruba will be available for Venezuelans again after the diplomatic talks, said Vice President of Economy Tareck Zaidan El Aissami.

The announcement on re-opening the borders with Aruba and Brazil was delivered by Venezuelan Vice President on Friday. All three Latin American contries will begin to reestablish all daily flights and communication systems with each other.

Accordig to Mr El Aissami, re-opening borders resulted in diplomatic talks with Brazil and Aruba whose authorities have expressed that Caracas deserves political sovereignty and diplomatic respect. El Aissami expressed hope during his press conference on Friday that Venezuela’s other neighbors follow the example of Brazil and Aruba in order to increase peaceful diplomacy within the region.

Being asked about the US economic sanctions, VP reiterated that Washington needs to lift sanctions in order for the Venezuela to gain access to its rightful billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader Juan Guaido is urging people to join the protest actions on Saturday.