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Venus Williams: Maria Sharapova comes back in the game, and it’s great!

Venus Williams: Maria Sharapova comes back in the game, and it’s great!

Venus Williams is sincere in her happiness that Maria Sharapova comes back to the professional court. The Russian athlete will appear in Stuttgart court on 26 April, and Venus believes that it’s great.

The American tennis player is a rare supporter of Maria Sharapova due to her complicated meldonium case. On the eve of the first competition since January 2015, Maria got no friends in the WTA or ATP. Venus is sincere in her encouraging the colleague, so Maria’s fans are really grateful for such attitude:

‘Well done Venus. She is real lady,’

wrote one of fans.

For other tennis players, the news about a wild card for Sharapova wasn’t the good one, but Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome tournaments’ organisers were glad to have the Russian star on the net and granted her wild cards.

‘I feel like I have perspective in life, and sometimes things happen,’

the American tennis legend told the Charleston Post and Courier on Friday.

Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova, 2004

According to Venus, a sport veteran, it can happen to make errors and one single thing in life doesn’t define you. The athlete is supporting Maria and believes that the bodies have made their decision, and Sharapova has an opportunity to come back and continue her career.

‘I think she should be allowed to continue that. If people want to give her wild cards, I guess that’s the tournaments’ decision as they weigh other wild cards. It will be nice to have her back in the game’.