Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

Voting began in the presidential elections in Montenegro.

Voting began in the presidential elections in Montenegro.

Polling stations opened on Sunday morning for the presidential elections in Montenegro.

They will close at 20:00 local time. 542,154 residents of the republic have the right to vote. During the day, the electoral commission plans to report turnout data five times, starting at 9.00.

The electoral committee approved seven candidates. First on the list is the current president and leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milo Djukanovic. He has been leading the republic for over 30 years as prime minister and president.

The second is a candidate from the Europe Now movement, former Minister of Economic Development (2020-2022) Yakov Milatovich. The third is Djukanovic’s longtime opponent Andrija Mandic from the Democratic Front (DF) movement.

According to March research, Djukanovic will receive 33.8% of support, Milatovic – 16.01%, Mandic – 27%.

Opinion polls predicted about 10% or less for the rest of the candidates. Among them: ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and leader of the United Montenegro party Goran Danilovic, representative of the Social Democratic Party and wife of the former prosecutor general Dragina Vuksanovic-Stankovic, ex-speaker of parliament and head of the Democrats party Aleksa Becic and local Internet comedian Jovan Radulovic .

To win in the first round, you need to score more than 50%. Opinion polls point to the highest probability of a second round on April 2 with the participation of Djukanovic and Mandic.