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Zurich Film Festival enters final weekend with Johnny Depp

Zurich Film Festival enters final weekend with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp will be a guest of honour at the Zurich Film Festival, which runs until Sunday. During the annual cultural event, 160 films from 48 countries are going to be presented.

Johnny Depp came to Zurich as a guest of honour during the final weekend of this year’s film gala. This year, a film festival has several new sections and awards. in total, 118 film screenings will take place from October 5th to October 7th at venues and locations across Zurich.

The festival awards three main awards: Best International Feature Film, Best International Documentary Film and Focus: Switzerland, Germany, Austria. The winners of the first two prizes receive €22,000. The Focus winner gets €17,500.

On Friday, Johnny Depp’s new film, Richard Says Goodbye, is set to screen at the Arthouse Le Paris at 20:45 this evening. A Q&A with the public will also take place at 15:30 the same day at the Podium.

The Zurich Film Festival programme has a special focus on Italy but also presents 42 debut works, 12 world premieres. Swiss directors will present 16 films and 2 retrospectives, one of them is dedicated to the iconic filmmaker Wim Wenders.

2018 programme was designed to reflect current affairs, its budget for the festival is €3.24 million. Tickets and the full programme for events and screenings are available online.

“This means that films about current world politics between Russia and America, are just as strikingly represented as those on strong women who do not address emancipation and how to deal with sexual assault from a position of victimisation,” says festival co-director Karl Spoerri in a press release..

This year’s ‘New World View’ focuses on Italy and includes the Italian Oscar contender Dogman, a crime drama set in Rome by the director of Gomorra.