More calories burned with one large meal instead of several small ones

May 26, 2017

More calories can be burnt if your portion is one large, no several small ones, the Swedish scientists concluded. That clinched the dieticians’ theory about the common ties of the metabolism’s speed and small portions.

Swedish researchers ran an experiment and conclude that the body burns more calories if the breakfast and lunch meal consist of one large portion rather than five small ones. Simon Ingves and colleagues from Linköping University indicate that one large meal (lots of carbohydrates) leads to the burning of more calories than a comparable meal (lots of fat).

The researchers also point out that calories in the form of fat keep a person feeling full longer. That is the secret weapon, which is able to speed up the metabolism. Weight watchers keen to hear that calorie intake is not a simple factor of metabolism, and the dieticians used to say it is not smart to eat one large meal to keep metabolism running all day long.

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Metabolism, diet, size of portion in the new Swedish research

Studies came later reporting that it was inconsequential how a person spreads their calorie intake – across many small meals or two or three larger ones.


Fredrik Nyström, a co-author of the research, notes that it might be easier for a person to eat too much if he or she sticks to a low-fat diet.