Google-backed subsea FASTER cable to connect US and Japan goes online tonight

June 30, 2016

The future is coming, says Google. Its next giant project goes online tonight: the 9,000km subsea six-fiber pair cable will connect US and Japan. The cost of this FASTER cable project is $300 million, Google announced it in 2014 but started to attract investorsэ attention even earlier, in 2008.

The main aim of another unbelievable project of Google is to give a better connection between two countries. That’s why US and Japan tonight will connect to each other with the 9,000km subsea six-fiber pair cable. Its bandwidth is up to 60 Terabits per second.

The realization of this project became possible to the consortium of six companies, among them are China Mobile, China Telecom, NEC, Global Transit and KDDI. All the technical works were done, so the subsea cable is going online on June 30.

The brand new subsea connection between the U.S. and Japan starts tonight, it’s worth noting that the FASTER network will connect Japan and Taiwan over two fiber pairs. According to Google, that will offer an initial capacity of 20 Tbps.