Microsoft is buying Beam to let viewers control video game live streams

August 12, 2016

Microsoft announced its plans to buy live streaming service Beam, which drastically reduces the lag between a player’s actions and what the viewers see on the stream.

Microsoft after forthcoming buying of the streaming service Beam will make the life of gamers more comfortable. Beam launched in January as a competitor to game streaming services from Twitch and YouTube. Now, Microsoft wants to buy this service, which let viewers suggest challenges for streamers and even alter in-game aspects like weapon loadout and quest selection.

The gamers’ dream come true, very soon they will be able to interact with games being streamed through Beam. According to Chad Gibson, program manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Live division:

“We at Xbox are excited about this convergence between playing and watching, and want to provide gamers with the freedom and choice to have great multiplayer experiences across all of Beam’s platforms.”

Microsoft buys Beam