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Anti-monarchy manifesto by Catalans, Basques and Galicians: ‘We have no king’

Anti-monarchy manifesto by Catalans, Basques and Galicians: ‘We have no king’

The anti-monarchy movement in Spain’s capital is rising after the Catalans, Basques and Galicians spokespersons made on Wednesday public a manifesto rejecting the monarchy. The document in three languages starts with words ‘We have no King.’

The anti-monarchy manifesto is written in the three languages ​​of these historical nationalities, and in Spanish, and is entitled “We have no king. Democracy, freedom and republics”. In addition, 49 deputies didn’t attend the speech by Felipe VI, at the opening of the XIV legislature.

As the document reads, Catalan, Basque and Galician societies mostly reject the figure of an anachronistic institution. Catalans, Basques and Galicians spokespersons insist that monarchy is not what modern Spain needs for its further development.

“The King must stop exercising his guardianship over citizenship and over the governments and parliaments that emanate from the popular will. Only in this way can solutions be found based on respect for popular will, freedom and democracy,” the separatists added.

Independence parties threats Spain’s stability

Both the media and the Spanish parties avoided entering the reasons set forth by the independentistas, given that the Monarchy is indeed a legitimate and direct heir of the Franco dictatorship. According to the manifesto by Catalans, Basques and Galicians spokespersons, the monarchy itself was never submitted to a referendum. It was directly included in the 1978 Constitution instead as an inseparable part of the so-called Democratic Transition.

The current strength of the independence parties makes the stability of the current Government practically impossible without agreeing with some of them. However, one of the most experienced independentistas, the Basque Nationalist Party, reported on its “uneaseness” for not having been invited to write the anti-monarchy manifesto.