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At least 70 die in Bangladesh plastics warehouse fire

At least 70 die in Bangladesh plastics warehouse fire

At least 70 dies in the blaze broke out Wednesday night in Dhaka, Bangladesh capital, SkyNews reported. The residential building had flammable chemicals stored on one floor, so, the blaze quickly spread and trapped dozens of people inside.

Old Dhaka, a historic district of Bangladesh’s capital, has very narrow streets and residential buildings only inches apart. the blaze is spreading more than quickly under such circumstances, said the Director-General of the Fire Service and Civil Defence Brig Gen Ali Ahmed Khan whose team arrived place of the incident immediately, at 23:40 local time (17:40 GMT) on Wednesday.

Bangladesh police said the building was full of highly flammable material that was being stored there. It is feared the number of dead could climb further as firefighters continue to search through the wreckage for more victims. According to the recent data, at least 70 people have died and dozens more have been injured in a warehouse fire in Old Dhaka. Victims included people outside the buildings, some guests at a restaurant and members of a bridal party.

The Fire Service struggled to put out the blaze all night long but the narrow lanes and lack of water sources made their job much more complicated. Dhaka Metropolitan Police chief Javeb Patowary said that the blaze was fuelled by pick-up vans in the area that carried gas cylinders.