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Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller ‘have been spending time together’ again

Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller ‘have been spending time together’ again

Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller got very frisky in the VIP lounge at Glastonbury in June, after the festival, they met again and now the couple is ‘spending time together’ again.

Brad Pitt has been making time for British actress Sienna Miller, on Wednesday, the US magazine UsWeekly reported that two actors have already been linked several times. Both Brad (53) and Sienna (25) keep the details under wraps, but they have a romance allegedly.

Brad Pitt will soon be headed to Brazil to shoot the sci-fi film Ad Astra with Tommy Lee Jones, so the couple has had a few ‘late nights’ together. According to the source, their relations aren’t too serious, but they would definitely make a great couple.

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Sienna Miller, romance and admirers

The UsWeekly is insisting the British actress is making time or Brad whose new role of a sightly autistic space engineer will soon take him to Brazil for months. Pitt and Miller first met in 2015 when he cast her in his 2016 film The Lost City Of Z and there was a ‘flirtation’ a source said.

And they got even closer in April during a dinner for the movie, probably, the relations could be more dynamic if Mr Pitt gets an official divorce. But Angelina is taking her time so far, say the friends of a family.