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Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones to star in deep-space epic ‘Ad Astra’

Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones to star in deep-space epic ‘Ad Astra’

Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones will be the stars of new space drama with the working title ‘Ad Astra’. Mr Jones’ representatives almost finished the deal, which allows us to enjoy the duo of two gifted actors.

Brad Pitt took on a role in the ‘Ad Astra’ (‘to the stars’ in Latin), the futuristic sci-fi epic that James Gray co-wrote and will direct for New Regency. Pitt’s colleague Tommy Lee Jones is on the board, too, according to the producers, the filming begins in September. Details are being kept close to the vest by the writer-director James Gray.

He described the movie:

‘It’s kind of a Heart of Darkness story about traveling to the outer edge of our solar system. I have a lot of hopes for it but it is certainly ambitious.’

In Hollywood there are many rumours regarding this deep-space project, so far we know definitely just one detail. Mr Pitt is going to play the slightly autistic space engineer Roy McBride. Twenty years after his father left on a one-way mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, McBride travels through the solar system to find him and understand why his mission failed.

Ad Astra will be produced by Pitt’s Plan B company

Tommy Lee Jones will play McBride’s father, Gray wrote the script with Ethan Gross, and RT Features financed development. Plan B, the company of Brad Pitt, is producing with Gray, RT Features’ Rodrigo Teixeira, Keep Your Head Productions’ Anthony Katagas and Mad River’s Marc Butan.

The critics anticipate that Brad Pitt better bring his A game working with Tommy Lee Jones, such an actors’ duo should be an exact wonderful thing!