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Brexit: Draft legislation states Britons could lose rights to work, reside in France

Brexit: Draft legislation states Britons could lose rights to work, reside in France

Prior to Brexit referendum, none explained accurately to the British citizens what it will cost to them. How much the Britons are going to lose after exiting from the EU, becomes clearer two years after Brexit vote, inews reported.

Under the draft legislation, Britons could lose rights to reside and work in France, and that aspect is just one of many others. Now, the British citizens face their not so especially comfortable situation. Among the recent demands of international relations between France and the UK is having to secure a visa to travel to France under laws being tabled by Macron government in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Moreover, the draft bill will also limit British citizens’ access to healthcare, welfare and restrict travel freedoms. It comes despite Theresa May unilaterally pledging that EU citizens will keep their rights to reside in the UK regardless of a Brexit deal. In October, the draft legislation put forward by Emmanuel Macron’s administration, the document stipulates that Brits will be treated as third country citizens should the UK leave the EU without an agreement.

The new laws will also require UK citizens and their children living in France to acquire new documents to remain in the country or else they will be deemed as being there illegally. For decades of being an integral part of the European Union, the UK feel not so good but brave.

Each and every British citizen working in the French civil service could also lose their rights to work in public services, as they will lose the title of “official” under draft laws being considered.

“It is therefore necessary to adopt a legislative provision to govern the situation of public servants and trainees in the public service of British nationality,” the draft bill reads.

Despite Theresa May giving assurances to EU citizens, Emmanuel Macron’s government preferred to issue the draft law, which regulates the rights of the British citizens in France in the post-EU era.