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Colombia Hopes to Agree to Ceasefire With Rebels This Week

Colombia Hopes to Agree to Ceasefire With Rebels This Week

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said late Tuesday that he hopes on reaching the agreement on a bilateral ceasefire. The conflict with leftist rebels is one of the most urgent issues and a ceasefire agreement could be the most important decision. According to the government, the last major building block toward a historic deal to end a half-century of bloodshed was put on Tuesday.

On June 23, the Colombian President Santos will travel to Cuba for the announcement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to an official close to the talks. They say that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon would also attend on these historical talks.

The conflict in Colombia started in 1964, FARC rebels’ fight has killed more than 220,000 people and displaced millions. But a 15-year, US-backed military offensive has thinned the rebels’ ranks and forced its aging leaders to the negotiating table in 2012.

“We are very close. I pray to God that he gives us strength to finish these accords, hopefully, this very week,” Santos said.

Whole Colombian people supports the PAZ-direction of its President, everybody tired from bloodshed and endless internal war conflict. It’s time for peace, at least, a ceasefire.