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Egypt allows women in the State Council

Egypt allows women in the State Council

Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council decided to start involving women in the State Council and the Public Prosecutor’s Office from 1 October 2021. The gender balance becomes a new target across the North African country.

In addition to allowing women in the State Council, the Egyptian politicians have also approved the establishment of the City of Justice in the New Administrative Capital. Such a system aimed at enhancing the work of the judicial bodies, Cairo Review has learned.

Hailing the important move, Maya Morsy, the President of the National Council of Women, said that generations to come will definitely remember this day, which becomes a historic step for Egyptian women in their golden age.

“The day of celebration of the Egyptian judiciary on October 1st of each year means a lot to Egyptian women….” she added.

For Egypt, the decision allowing women participation contributes to full equality between men and women in the assumption of positions in all jurisdictions and bodies, as well as to achieve income equality between counterparts.

The Council also decided to consider October 1st of each year as the day of the Egyptian judiciary.