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Famous jailbreaker: ‘WikiLeaks CIA dump is overhyped’

Famous jailbreaker: ‘WikiLeaks CIA dump is overhyped’

Famous jailbreaker analysed the recent WikiLeak’s trove of CIA cyber documents and said it’s actually overhyped. Tuesday CIA leak is one of the biggest since Mr Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA.

Wikileaks doesn’t automatical mean that the leaked data is pure true, and the last Wikileaks’ Vault 7 consists of 8,761 documents. So, it’s too early to say that all of them are correct. According to one of the famous jailbreakers, you shouldn’t believe this hype.

Will Strafach, a world top cyber security expert, gained notoriety under the nick Chronic. His jailbreaking exprerience and analysis allowed to conclude that iOS users shouldn’t be worried with info from Wikileaks’ Vault 7.

“I do not believe any iOS user running iOS 10+ has any cause for concern by this,”

Strafach said in an email.

Tuesday’s giant CIA leak revealed 8,761 docs reportedly spirited away from the CIA servers. The leak’s source is the unknown person who’d like to start the public discussion “about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.”


Looks more like an experiment or R&D effort

Wikileks happen too often and the cyber specialists incline to think that is looks like more an R&D efforts or experimental versions testing, not leak in the classical meaning of this word. Strafach believes that the software isn’t “production-ready” and seems to be largely “experimental.” He noted that much of it isn’t very “covert,” where the CIA would try to cover up its hacks.

“What is here would only be useful on a valuable intelligence target (such as a known terrorist) in which being noticed after the fact isn’t a concern, as long as they acquired the needed intelligence,”

the cyber security specialist added.