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Finland declares state of emergency as covid cases rise

Finland declares state of emergency as covid cases rise

Finland declares a state of emergency due to a worrying epidemiological situation. As COVID-19 cases rise, the country prefers to take such an unpopular step, Reuters says.

The Finnish government’s decision comes as a new covid strain contributes to a sharp rise in infections in the country, which has already closed its borders.

Declaring a state of emergency on Monday, the Nordic country shutters restaurants and imposes a set of measures to blunt the epidemic.

The state of emergency would also allow the government to further shut schools and limit movement between regions, said Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

“The government sees it necessary that we all have fewer contacts,” PM told a news conference. “Everyone now has the opportunity to impact how the spring and summer will turn out.”

Finland prefers to shut its borders

Several regions of Finland have seen a rapid rise in corona infections in the past two weeks, with outbreaks among skiers in Lapland and workers at shipping yards and construction sites.

Finland has recorded 58,064 cases and 742 deaths since the start of the epidemic with 210 people currently hospitalized. In fact, the Nordic nation among the European countries least affected by the novel pathogen so far.