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Former Italian Prime Minister Ciriaco de Mita dies

Former Italian Prime Minister Ciriaco de Mita dies

Chiriaco De Mita, former Prime Minister of Italy, ex-secretary of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), died Thursday morning at his home in his hometown of Nusco in southern Italy at the age of 95, according to Nusco Vice Mayor Valter Vigilante.

In February of this year, he underwent a serious operation for a fracture of the femoral neck, which significantly crippled the state of the Italian politician.

De Mita was born in Nusco on February 2, 1928, the son of a tailor. Almost his entire political career was associated with the CDA, which he headed from 1982-1989. In political circles, he was sometimes called the “godfather” of the CDA. Repeatedly held various ministerial positions in the government of Italy. From April 1988 to July 1989 he was Chairman of the Council of Ministers. In his declining years, in May 2014, he was elected mayor of his native Nusco, a post he held until his death.

Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy offered his condolences to De Mita, whom he described as a “prominent participant in the parliamentary and political life” of the country. The head of government noted that De Mita worked in local authorities until the very end of his life.