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Hillary Clinton debuts a new haircut in Snapchat

Hillary Clinton debuts a new haircut in Snapchat

Hillary Clinton never gives up, this week, she debuts a new haircut in the new Snapchat video. In the short clip on the International Women’s Day, the famous Democrat urges women to ‘Stand Up. Resist. Run for office’. That is the main theme of her video, in which Hillary showed her bob as well.

Hillary Clinton used to be positive and encouraging, in her last video message on the International Women’s Day (IWD), she called American women to keep fighting for the rights and other important women’s issues. Hillary showed as well her new haircut and a red top, very bright.

Hillary advised women to ‘Stand up. Resist. Run for office. Be a champion.’ It is never-changing Clinton’s aegis, and she is always fighting for this. The IWD message declared ‘every issue a woman’s issue,’ although Clinton directed her followers to Planned Parenthood, education health care and great jobs.

Hillary Clinton

‘Our voices have always been vital but they have never been more vital than they are right now. Not just in far away countries but right here. And we are just getting started,’

Hillary said in a Washington, D.C. speech.

Mrs Clinton has the certain disagreements with the current Oval Office head, and in her IWD message former State Secretary stressed:

‘International Women’s Day is always important, but this year it feels even more significant.’

In the final of her short video, Hillary wished women keep an optimism, persistence and resistance. She assured her followers that they are able to build the future we envisioned when we started on this journey with Vital Voices two decades ago, ‘for women, for girls around the world and for us here at home.’