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House of Cards: Claire Underwood’s style evolution

House of Cards: Claire Underwood’s style evolution

House of Cards’ star Claire Underwood made a revolution in a fashion for women in power. Kemal Harris, the costume designer for Ms Wright reveals some secrets of Mrs Underwood’s iconic style evolution.

The perfect performing of the role by actress Robin Wright made the job of her stylist extremely hard. The character of Claire Underwood is uneasy, so, her style should reflect it as much as possible. But how?

Claire rarely shows emotion—her smiles seem fake, her laugh is empty, and her expressions are bland. She is more restrained and guarded than Frank, and she does not reveal her inner thoughts to the viewer the way Frank does so it is much harder to know what could be going on in her mind. So, the costume designer Kemal Harris has done a perfect job, offering Claire the flawless style, which suits the character perfectly. Under any circumstances, Claire’s emotions don’t contrast her clothes.

Harris began designing Ms Wright’s costumes in season 3: Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Altuzarra, Burberry, Armani and Equipment were the first who were added to the designer’s list. Kemal used a dress form with Robin’s exact dimensions that watch over designer’s New York studio like a talisman.

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Claire Underwood’s style becomes iconic

As a New Yorker, Harris also understood David Fincher’s muted aesthetic — no bright light, no primary colours. The result of cooperation is unbelievable, some costumes Robin praised, saying ‘This is so Claire’s!’.

Over five seasons of House of Cards, Claire Underwood became iconic, she is fit, sexy and knows the importance of choosing the right clothes to make an impact. Many Americans note pity that the real first lady of the United States out of this. She’s a mannequin.

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