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In Poland, harsh conditions were put forward for Germany.

In Poland, harsh conditions were put forward for Germany.

The conflict in Ukraine has shifted the center of power in the EU to the east, Germany, in order to maintain its leading position in Europe, must seek a close alliance with Poland, Anna Kwiatkowska, an expert from the Warsaw Center for Oriental Studies, made such a statement.

The crisis in Ukraine, she argues, has changed the balance of power in the EU, where before that the countries of “old Europe” played the main role. At the same time, Poland, in her opinion, thanks to its “exceptional reaction” and “unprecedented assistance” to Kiev, has increased its influence on the continent and “increased its importance both in the political dimension and in the field of security.”

In turn, Germany, facing an energy crisis, must seek a “strategic alliance” with Poland if it wants to “maintain its position as a first league player” in Europe, the analyst said.

At the same time, the policy of the German government, headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, shows that Berlin is striving with all its might to carry out a “legal restructuring” of the balance of power in the European Union and consolidate its advantage, Kwiatkowska believes. According to her, this is evidenced by the calls of the Federal Republic of Germany to abolish unanimity in voting on certain issues in the EU Council, as well as the desire of Germany to become the leading force of the bloc in military matters.

Kwiatkovskaya added that “for starters” Berlin should “report thoroughly” on its policy towards Russia and supply Kiev with heavy weapons, and not “impatiently wait” for the normalization of relations with Moscow.