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Iran vows to keep military forces in Syria

Iran vows to keep military forces in Syria

Iran prefers to will keep its military forces in Syria despite the recent threats from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said Iranian militaries might be targeted if they do not leave Syrian territories.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Revolutionary Guards top commander, has rebuffed Israeli threats and vowed that Iran will keep all its military and revolutionary advisers and its weapons in Syria. In a half-official manner, Maj Gen tagged PM Netanyahu’s threats “a joke”, and even warned that the Israeli government is “playing with lion’s tail.”

While the tensions between Iran and Israel continue, Ali Jafari added that Israel should be afraid of the day that Iranian “precision-guided missiles roar and fall on your head.”

In his turn, Benjamin Netanyahu promised that Israeli forces would continue to attack Iranians in Syria and warned them to leave Syria fast “because we will continue with our resolute policy”.

Israeli-Iranian mutual threats bring no relief

On Wednesday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif gave a speech in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala to commanders of the Hashed Al Shaabi, which is dominated by Iran-backed Shiite groups opposed by Washington.

“The world has realised the truth – that the US wasn’t the one who defeated Daesh (ISIS). You were, and that’s why they exerted pressure on you and on us,” he told gathered commanders in Farsi.

After ISIS overran nearly a third of Iraq in 2014, the Hashed’s auxiliary units partnered with Iraqi forces for three years to fight the group. Many Hashed factions receive military and political support from Iran.