Today: Friday, 12 April 2024 year

Iranian authorities consider Western countries involved in the fire in the Evin prison.

The head of the Iranian judiciary, Gholam Hossein Ezhei, said on Monday that “Western agents” were involved in the fire in Tehran’s Evin prison.

“What happened in the Evin prison is a crime committed by enemy agents (from Western countries),” said Ezhei.

The head of Iran’s judiciary claims that these “agents” set the stage for Israeli, American and British elements involved in creating unrest.

“On the night when the well-known events took place in Evin, these elements and other anti-Iranian people, as during the recent unrest, acted as an operational headquarters,” the Iranian politician added.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, Iranian media reported that as a result of a conflict between several prisoners, a strong fire broke out in the sewing department of the Evin prison, located in Tehran. According to local eyewitnesses, about four explosions were heard during the fire. As a result of the fire, 8 people died and more than 60 were injured.