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Ivanka Trump under fire after taking seat among world leaders at G20

Ivanka Trump under fire after taking seat among world leaders at G20

Ivanka Trump allowed herself the unbelievable thing during the G20 banquet: she took a seat among world leaders at the dinner. Of course, nobody from the world leaders didn’t mind it but every person in that room noticed this flagrant violation of the protocol.

The daughter of the US President doesn’t understand the meaning of the idioms ‘diplomatic protocol’, on Friday, she made the biggest her mistake since her father became the POTUS. Ivanka Trump had taken her father’s place at the table on at least two occasions on Saturday but didn’t speak.

‘Because an unelected, unqualified, unprepared New York socialite is the best person to represent American national interests,’

historian and columnist Anne Applebaum wrote in her Twitter post. The users supported the historian, suggesting what the G20 leader at the table had to discuss in the presence of Ivanka. Fantastic if the conversation turned to how to steal other people’s clothing and shoe designs – Mrs Kushner is an expert in it despite the holding the position of POTUS advisor.

Ivanka Trump as target for sarcasm after G20 dinner

The first family faces criticism and sarcasm after Ivanka Trump-Kushner joined Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping and others during a meeting on African migration and health. That was ridiculously and demonstrated the pure unpoliteness of the first daughter.

President Trump is proud of his daughter, he doesn’t understand why Ivanka is under fire after taking a seat among world leaders at G20. The American leader said:

“I’m very proud of my daughter, Ivanka; always have been, from day one – I had to tell you that, from day one. She’s always been great. A champion. She’s a champion.”

In a rare candid admission, President also noticed that Ivanka’s burden of being the first daughter is rather hard. If she wasn’t Trump’s offspring, it would be so much easier for Ivanka. According to Mr Trump. Ivanka is a fighter who fights day by day to prove her abilities to do what she is going to do.

In her recent interview, Ivanka said “I try to stay out of politics,” so, her appearance in the events of G20 summit was a real surprise. Nobody’s able to understand Trumps’ logic, probably, there is no logic at all.