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Jared Kushner will be part of a delegation to meet Mexico’s President

Jared Kushner will be part of a delegation to meet Mexico’s President

Jared Kushner will be accompanied by State Department and US National Security Council officials during his visit Mexico on Wednesday, confirmed the White House. The American delegation will meet with Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss several important foreign policy issues.

Mr Kushner who is presidential senior adviser will make a working visit to Mexico as an envoy of President Trump. His son-in-law and Mexican Enrique Peña Nieto are going to discuss the bilateral issues and perspectives of the further cooperation between the neighbouring countries. Kushner’s travel to Mexico also marks his second meeting with a world leader after his access to top-secret materials was restricted following a White House crackdown on interim security clearances last week.

Jared Kushner will hold as well a working meeting with Luis Videgaray, the foreign minister who has assiduously cultivated relations with Mr Kushner. Of course, Trump’s intention to construct the border wall makes the relations and negotiation very strain and complicated, and the presidents’ most recent phone call demonstrated that again.

Donald Trump lost his temper in the call two weeks ago and refused to endorse publicly the Mexican position that it will not pay. The White House access has so far failed to get Mr Trump to back down on his demand that Mexico fund his planned border wall. A date for the two presidents had not been set but both sides had said they were working for such a meeting within weeks.

Mexico’s president leaves office in December, prior to that moment he still hopes the meeting with American counterpart will take place at some point. North American Free Trade Agreement issues and the new Trump’s tariffs on aluminium and steel are on the agenda as well, the negotiators worked in Mexico City to discuss revisions to the NAFTA.