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Johnson faces no-confidence vote over drunkenness

Johnson faces no-confidence vote over drunkenness

During the lockdown on Downing Street, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his position on “culture-drinking”. Now he runs the risk of being distrusted. 

“The Conservative Party will need to sort this out one way or another, because to be an effective party they either need to rally around the Prime Minister they have or make a decision to oust him. And I think next week or so at the end of June they will come to the voting,” said Lord Haig.

As you know, 54 statements by British MPs from the Conservatives are enough for a vote of no confidence, today there are 17 of them, and another 20 Tory representatives publicly called on Johnson to resign on his own.

The Prime Minister, speaking in Parliament, apologized and regretted the event at the Downing Street party and took responsibility for what was happening, but stressed that his government will continue to work.