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Karl Lagerfeld presents his latest Chanel 2017/18 Cruise Collection

Karl Lagerfeld presents his latest Chanel 2017/18 Cruise Collection

Karl Lagerfeld is a god of the fashion, and his latest 2017/18 Cruise Collection was dedicated to the ancient Greece and its gods. The incomparable Karl turned an upstairs room of the Grand Palais into a quiet and sunny corner of Greece where presented his new Chanel line in summer style.

The Cruise Collection needs more sun than Paris is able to bring in May, that’s why some very bright lights shone onto tumbled stone pillars planted with Mediterranean flowers and terracotta walls painted with dancing nymphs. Karl Lagerfeld welcomes the guests who were invited to see his recent cruise collection 2017/18.

In fact, Karl isn’t interested in politics or reality’s trends, the Chanel designer is making his own reality and setting his own trends. The couturier said:

‘Reality is of no interest to me. My Greece is an idea.’

Models walk through Chanel's cruise setKarl Lagerfeld’s personal Greece in Paris and Pavlovsky’s opinion

Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s President of Fashion, highly appreciates Karl’s new collection, he liked a lot those nymphs wore calf-length white dresses appliqued with wave motifs, or draped mini dresses in coral or sky blue. According to Bruno, the catwalk shows are the beginning of everything.

‘It’s the first time everyone sees the collection. Our job is to create stories for people to tell. Whether they’re doing that on Instagram in the UK or WeChat in China. We have to find new ways to talk to our customers on new channels. It’s a lot of work. It’s more work, in fact, but it’s made us much more agile,’

Bruno Pavlovsky of Chanel added.