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Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom split: the singer throwing herself into new album

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom decided to split, the singer threw herself into the work under a new album. Ms Perry is really busy now, especially after the successful release of her hit ‘Changed to the rhythm’.

The heartbreaking split of the adorable couple — Orlando and Kathy, made sad a million army of their followers and fans. But Kathy is fine, she has a lot to do in her career, especially after the release of her new video, see below.

How is Kathy coping with the sad breakup with Orlando Bloom? She is plunging into the new musical album, she is a smart and disciplined girl who never cries. Kathy is already writing new music about their former romance.

The year of dating is over, the 40-year-old Orlando Bloom is behind Kathy but she’s pouring her feelings into future hits. It is the most satisfactory state of affairs for any creative person! Katy intends to throw herself into making new music in the coming weeks.

The singer has already released “Chained to the Rhythm” and was pleased with the reaction to it and is currently working on her fifth album. Her friend noted that:

“Katy is a very positive person. She wants to come-up with a unique concept for her new album’s release once she is confident that the songs are really strong.”

The singer showed off how she’s already hard at work on Mar. 1, sharing an Instagram video where she was goofing off in a danceline formation with songwriters Sarah Hudson and Lauren Glucksman. She wrote in the caption, “Best thing about making this record is that everyone helping me make it is just as coo-coo as I am.”

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