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Kyrgyzstan proposed to limit the number of weapons within the CIS.

Kyrgyzstan proposed to limit the number of weapons within the CIS.

Secretary of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan Marat Imankulov proposed to limit the amount of heavy equipment deployed near the borders between the CIS member countries, the press service of the President of the Republic Sadyr Zhaparov said on Friday.

It is reported that on the eve of Imankulov in Moscow took part in the tenth anniversary meeting of the secretaries of the security councils of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States, where he “touched on the issues of current challenges and threats and noted that they are not getting smaller, they are mutating, becoming multidirectional, fleeting and more dangerous “.

“Any state can instantly become a target or an instrument of a geopolitical game, having received blows from various directions. A single country is not able to cope with the whole range of threats on its own. International security should not depend on someone’s aggressive ambitions. An effective rebuff to any attempts to destabilize is required. “, – the press service quoted Imankulov as saying.

According to the Secretary of the Kyrgyz Security Council, this requires a common comprehensive work of all the Commonwealth countries and the world community “on building interaction and cooperation, as well as finding compromises in the interests of stability and peace on the path to development.”

“It was proposed in the CIS format to increase the exchange of operational information between the competent structures, as well as to strengthen mutual trust and increase responsibility for ensuring stability, inform each other about the quantitative and qualitative composition of the Armed Forces deployed in the border areas and impose restrictions on the presence near the borders of heavy equipment, tanks, artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (if this does not apply to the external borders of the Commonwealth),” the press service stressed.