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Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to shoppers in Switzerland

Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to shoppers in Switzerland

Lidl’s cannabis retails at 18 Swiss francs (£13.20) and is only available in Switzerland, the Sun reports. The EU-famous Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to Swiss shoppers.

Cannabis is getting more and more popularity in the world, so german brand Lidl decided to make an experiment in Switzerland and offers branded 1.5g box, from plants grown indoors. A 3g bag is 19.99 Swiss francs but is made from flowers grown in greenhouses.

Switzerland’s 2011 law change, designed to open up the availability of medicinal cannabis, has only recently been seized upon by commercial operators. According to Lidl’s experts, its cannabis won’t give the Swiss users a particularly strong ‘high’. Swiss citizens over the age of 18 can purchase cannabis that contains one percent or less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In case the user’s forgotten this lesson from middle school health class, THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that’s responsible for feeling high. In fact, cannabis that’s only minimally high-inducing is fair game for all adults in Switzerland. Enter growers and manufacturers to make the most of this business opportunity.

Lidl, one of the biggest supermarket brands in Europe, opened its 700th supermarket in the UK in February, so it is able to earn really big money on selling the marijuana to the common citizens over 18. Actually, Lidl is not the first supermarket chain that offers cannabis. In 2017, the Swiss supermarket chain Coop – unrelated to the UK brand – was the first to sell cannabis cigarettes.