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Meghan Markle ‘ready to be done’ with Suits because of Harry

Meghan Markle ‘ready to be done’ with Suits because of Harry

Meghan Markle loves Prince Harry so much that she is even ready to leave her profession. Probably, the upcoming season 7 of Suits will be the last for Meghan’s character.

Ms Markle, the 35-year-old girlfriend of Prince Harry, is thinking about the finalising her career as an actress. At least, the legal drama Suits is under question now, the upcoming seventh season has in its cast Rachel but it’s pretty unclearly whether Meghan plays in season 8 of USA Network series.

Pince Harry’s girlfriend is “ready to be done with Suits” and with “acting in general,” insiders say. Probably, Meghan as a girlfriend of British prince prefers to focus on the philanthropy activity rather on the acting. Her friends say, even before Harry, she was thinking about transitioning out of acting.

Meghan Markle’s possible career: life after acting

Meghan spent a week in India on a World Vision Canada humanitarian mission to help impoverished women and girls in January. Their relations with Harry were confirmed officially in November by Kensington Palace. The young people see each other time to time, the most recent their date was in Jamaica, where they attended his best friend’s wedding, which gave the actress a chance to get to know the prince’s inner circle better.

According to media, Carribean wedding became an official public debut as a couple at an official event. Harry is currently in London, Meghan works in Toronto, where she draws more press attention than ever due to her relationship with jovial Harry.