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Melbourne skyscraper will be the tallest and have a green twist

Melbourne skyscraper will be the tallest and have a green twist

The “Green Spine” design of a skyscraper planned to be built in Melbourne, was declared the winner and is set to become the tallest skyscraper in Australia.

The design by Netherlands-based UNStudio and Australian firm Cox ArchitectureTwo won in the nomination of skyscrapers. The eye-catching towers will make a bold addition to the city’s existing green space and aim to provide a new sense of community, Springwise reports.

During the Southbank by Beulah competition in 2018, some of architecture’s biggest names vied to lead a new mixed-use skyscraper development.

According to the plans, the development will be located on a waterfront site, featuring two twisting glass towers with greenery running up the facades paying homage to Melbourne’s title of “The Garden City”.

The designers decided that the towers will be divided between apartments with greenery-covered balconies, offices, public green spaces, rooftop gardens, a town hall, retail space, and more. It is important to note that throughout the structure, pocket parks will be a focal point that connects the neighbourhoods within the residential tower. In other words, the architectural ensemble will be providing its residents with a sense of community and a place to relax – the idea of a new century.

The development will cover a total floor space of 270,000 sq metres, with the taller tower reaching a height of 365 metres — which beats the Shard in London — and the shorter 252,200 sq metres.

The “Green Spine” skyscraper is expected to be completed in 2026

The “Green Spine” project has now received planning permission, with a budget of €1.2 billion. It is due to begin construction in Melbourne next year and is expected to be completed in 2026.

With this supertall skyscraper receiving planning permission, Melbourne will receive a major addition to its skyline, as well as an attractive and bold new green space.

All the greenery incorporated in the eye-catching twisting design of the towers provides a relaxing environment for residents and visitors. The pocket parks scattered throughout to have the potential of bringing occupants and visitors together, creating a sense of community for all, and could shape the future of skyscraper design.